Bree Wailes

We Surge

Speaker Topic: Sales

Topics Covered:

  • Event Sales
  • Social Events
  • Calendar Events
  • Digital Marketing for Events

With 20 years of experience in Hospitality, Sales, Events and Marketing, Bree Wailes founded and created We Surge due to the market demand for Sales training in Hospitality. Bree (Founder of We Surge) has worked from small cafes and venues - to large fine dining restaurants and onto Executive teams where she managed Event Sales teams across NSW with budgets and targets exceeding $11m per annum.

Through Bree's wide range of experience from overseeing 1500 weddings, to executing over 500 events in one year, she has the expertise and knowledge to fine-tune the customer journey and sales experience to increase revenue for Hospitality businesses from all walks of life.

Bree founded We Surge to initiate training and knowledge growth of venue owners, staff members and stakeholders across Australia and internationally on the importance of Event Sales, and most importantly, how to increase revenue through easy to use processes. We Surge's simple to use systems translate from small businesses to large corporations, making it simple for each Hospitality Business owner to understand and undertake.

Bree believes that there is an opportunity for everyone to increase their revenue with We Surge's training.