Craig Macindoe

Restaurant Specialist

Speaker Topic: Operations

Topics Covered:

  • KPI Goals
  • Quality Control
  • Customer Service
  • Upselling/Menu Design

Craig Macindoe has been a leader in hospitality for decades and has always been at the forefront of industry trends. He has guided the success of a wide number of brands and has been involved in the opening of over 50 restaurants as a consultant and owner.

Some well-known brands Craig has guided include:
• Hard Rock Café Sydney and Maui
• Olio Kensington Street
• Watermark Restaurant
• Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse
• The Tasting Room (won best bar 2007 in Australian bar awards)
• New Orleans Café (SBS Cheap eats hero)
• MUMU Grill (5 times hall of fame best casual dining, Best suburban steakhouse).


Craig has always been an early adopter in a number of areas, including social media and other technology. He is an innovator and was the first to use each new platform to his advantage.

Some of Craig's achievements include:
• Top 4 most influential chefs in social media 2009
• Launching a variety of additional income streams from his business such as a home delivery meat box solution and many others
• Building a database of 20,000 customers in 2 years at a single location and a database of 100,000 customers at his Kensington Street precinct.
• His cooking classes delivered to over 5000 students in one year.


Craig has also hosted or spoken at a large number of invite-only symposiums and podcasts including Café Biz, Bar Show, and Profitable Hospitality. He is also a regular guest educator at Ryde TAFE and other industry course providers such as Lavazza.